Sneak Peek Review of the Children’s Animated DVD Timmy Time: Hide and Seek

This is a sneak peek review of the children’s animated DVD Timmy Time: Hide and Seek. This product comes from Lionsgate and HiT Entertainment and is due for release on September 20. I was provided a copy of this product for review, but was under no obligation to recommend it. My observations are my own.

Synopsis of the Children’s Animated DVD Timmy Time: Hide and Seek

This series is a spin-off from the Shaun the Sheep series, in which the youngest member of that cast has his own show, taking place generally at his preschool. Five episodes make up this video, which show the lamb and his preschool friends creating havoc in and outside of class. First, in “Timmy Tries to Hide,” the lamb has trouble hiding because the piglet Paxton keeps following him and giving them away. In “Timmy Gets the Job Done,” the main character would rather play with the Frisbee than do his chore of washing the windows, which disrupts the rest of the preschool cleaning. In “Timmy Goes Bang,” a thunderstorm initially scares the class, but they all begin to use the sounds of thunder and rain dropping in buckets as inspiration to create music.

The fourth episode in this children’s DVD is called “Timmy Wants the Beret,” where the spoiled lamb loses the friendship of his classmates because he takes their possessions. Finally, in “Timmy Afloat,” Stripey the baby skunk keeps sneezing, which wreaks chaos on the boat and other floating vessel projects the preschoolers are trying to create to run in a contest. The bonus features include the lamb going over the days of the week plus a sing-along video to the series theme.

More About this Children’s Animated DVD Timmy Time: Hide and Seek

I recommend this for little children because there’s good morals here for them to grasp, which includes not taking things that don’t belong to them, doing chores, giving up something for someone else’s happiness, and being considerate of others. The well-paced stories are really enhanced by catchy music, plus very bright and cheery graphics. No words are spoken by the characters, for they communicate via their own unique animal sounds which the kids can use to identify real animals.

This episodes run about 45 minutes in length combined. The video has a Suggested Retail Price of $14.98 and can be heard in English. Timmy Time: Hide and Seek will be available at retail outlets like on September 20. For more information about this character, go to this website.

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