Social Pet-working at Barkworld Expo

People love their pets. They blog about them, take pictures, videos and create websites for their pets. The more pet owners tweet and use social media promoting their pets, the faster they brand them. The more popular the brand, the more pet related companies are interested in working with them.

Attention Reaps Rewards

At Barkworld Expo, pet enthusiasts have the opportunity to connect with companies searching for influential bloggers; bloggers with a large following.

Companies will send free samples for product reviews – often by the pet themselves, though their human companions give them voice through their blogs, tweets and facebook pages. After all, it’s tough to type without opposable thumbs, especially when claws get in the way.

While it is great to receive free products, most pet bloggers are also searching for a means of earning income through branding their pets. Barkworld Expo offered several presentations that aid in this process.

Creating a Brand through YouTube

Many pet owners want to see their pets on the silver screen. To them, their pets are already stars. It is merely a matter of showing the rest of the world that they can shine for others as well. Using YouTube to create a channel and upload short videos of their pets involved in activities and display their training repertoire is one means of creating a following, thereby branding one’s pet.

At Barkworld Expo, participants can learn from the owners of other pet stars. These include:

· Lauren Girard and her Border Collie, Paige · CJ Johnson and her dog, Jasmin

CJ and Lauren gave a presentation on how to prepare one’s dog for YouTube stardom, joined on stage by Jeff Funk of, discussing exactly what it takes to make people notice your pet on the You Tube social medium.

Creating a Brand through Blogging

Barkworld participants learned how to create a brand through blogging in their pet’s voice. Influential bloggers, Diane Silver who writes To Dog with Love and Rachel Phelps who writes Preston Speaks. These two bloggers have such a large following that pet companies seek them out offering product samples for review as well as other forms of support through advertising – every blogger’s dream; being able to actually earn income through their pet blog.

Wishful pet bloggers and branders were also treated to presentations from Ted Rheingold, founder of and, websites which showcase people’s pets. Ted discussed his early days of being a starving design engineer to realizing his dream of totally interactive and attractive pet websites where pet owners could share all the wild and wonderful antics of their pets with other pet enthusiasts.

One of the most important presentations was by Cheryl Lawson, the owner of Precious, a huge social media hit, due to all the time and diligence of her human companion, Cheryl. Ms. Lawson brought together how to create and market one’s pet brand through numerous social media outlets.

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