Soon He’ll Be Here

Below is a poem I wrote that expresses the sensations and experiences of Christmas that make it my favorite Holiday.

Bright white snow covers the earth
as I warm my hands over the hearth.
It’s Christmas Eve, and soon he’ll be here;
bringing presents and plenty of cheer.

On the table lies a tray of warm cookies,
decorated in the shape of Christmas trees.
A glass of cold milk sits beside it,
all atop a tablecloth my Nana knit.

Stockings gently hung from the fireplace,
dozens of gifts at the Christmas tree’s base.
Neatly wrapped with bright red bows,
exactly the same color as Rudolph’s nose.

Eggnog and warm apple cider is what we enjoy,
as we wonder what box contains which toy.
Is my stocking full of candy, or coal?
Being good this year was my goal.

Did he remember to check the list twice?
I know for a fact I’ve been quite nice.
What toys have the elves made for me?
I guess I’ll just have wait ’til morning and see.

Tomorrow is Christmas, I can hardly wait.
December twenty-fifth happens to be my favorite date.
The world will be filled with carols and song,
as “Jingle Bells” plays and the world sings along.

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