Soul Auction Band – Interview

Soul Auction is a band that is trying to make history by being completely original. Their sound is so unique and their player`s as well it is exciting to follow them. They have some upcoming news and information for you guys but in the mean time here is a interview from the band. They have been working really hard on their sound day in and day out. Now, they are working with Facebook and Twitter to promote their band and get their voice heard. They want to send out a message to everyone. Vote for them through the 29th for Metal Mayhem.

What makes your band so Original?

“our band is made original by its members tastes in music or main influences are Deathcore + nu-metal making what we choose to call nu-core inspired by bands like korn, disturbed, suicide silence, Whitechapel and a lot of local Durham region bands. “

When is your Band going on tour?

“The plan is that as soon as we can get involved in a tour. We will start telling everyone about it! We are making plans for an Ontario tour in December.”

What steps are you taking to get on a tour?

“We are just networking with bands and promoters, collecting our fan base and working on new original tunes. Playing as many shows as possible, to make the band’s sound, and performance stronger.”

What makes your band stand out from the others?

“We stand out because of our mix of the grooving Nu-Metal riffs, and hard hitting DeathCore vocals along with the Catchy Breakdowns. It just keeps you waiting for more every time.”

Do you see your band going far? Explain why?

“To be honest it`s hard to say in the music world you can only work on your music hope it gets seen by the right people and go from there but we definitely hope so music is our passions in life and it would be amazing for people to hear what we have to offer. It’s never easy, it just doesn’t happen overnight. We know it’s going to take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. But this is our dreams, and in the end all we know is we are going to continue to pursuit our musical dreams. It’s a long way to the top, if you want to Rock ‘n’ Roll!”

How did your band start? Is there a story to it explain?

“Soul Auction started 2007 with the Bassist John Farrell asking Ronny Jarvis if he would learn drums and wanted to start a band? Like most bands we went through a lot of changes like different members, band names, and styles. In 2008 – 2009 The band came up with the name Soul Auction one night and has stuck with the name ever since. The bands style really started to grow when Ronny switched from drums to a seven string guitar and dropped it down a whole step to “A”. This is what gave the band a really deep sound. 2010 Tristen Alsop found out that John and Ronny were jamming without a drummer or vocalist so we tried merging the former “hell lights my way” which just had drums, guitar and, vocals at the 1st jam we knew Tristen had what it took to be part of soul auction but the other 2 just didn’t seem to want it bad enough. In early 2011, the band found Brent Paradis. One day the band started jamming in Brents basement and everything just seemed to click. A few weeks later we played our 1st show at the MOD club April 2nd 2011 has played a hand full of other shows with some great bands. We took their sound and performance to a whole new level and never looked back on anything. Let’s see you in the pit. “

Why did you make this band?

“We made this band purely for the love and passion for music. We love making and writing music. Also to completely reach out to the people those hear and feel it. And there’s nothing we would rather be doing then this!”

Are there any new plans for some CDs and Demos? any promo`s?

“We should be starting to record in the very near future so keep an eye out for soul auction’s EP”

If you had to choice between wrapped tour or Metal Mayhem which one?

“For sure metal mayhem don’t get me wrong, wrapped is amazing but we would definitely like to be involved in both. If we had to choose it would be metal mayhem and wrapped tour seems to be going kind of soft no offense.”

Do you all listen to the same type of music?

“John (Bass) I listen to anything but country.

Tristen (Vocals) I listen to metal mainly but will listen to almost anything.

Ronny (Guitar) I Heart Music!

Brent (Drums) All of the above.

Point is we all listen to a lot of different music.”

Tell us something interesting about your band?

“We not in this for money and fame were in this for our love of music and the hope to make someone feel what we feel when we hear and write our music and maybe even teach a lesson or two along the way. We’re trying to learn new things all the time. This is just the beginning for Soul Auction, so keep your ears and eyes open because we might be playing a show near you soon.”

Their you go! it`s an interview for the band “Soul Auction”. Get ready to hear and see more about them! alone with other band reviews and interviews that are coming!

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