A human being is not just the sum of its physical body. The body is physical and exists in the physical reality of space, time and matter, the soul is non corporeal and exists in the spiritual realms. It is the self that we feel inside ourselves, it is the “I” that we refer to and experience. Without it, the body would be lifeless. It is what allows us to experience the world and interact with other people. It gives us our very identity and is the cause of an individual life.

Many people believe that it is not just human beings that have souls, but animals, plants and even inanimate objects do as well. This is because many belief systems explain that existence requires a soul to maintain it. It is not just the essence of life it is also why something exists and it is what gives it its reason for being. Religion tells us that it is the divine nature of human souls that sets humans apart from other animals and entities. Human souls are also different because they are not limited. Humans can go beyond themselves because of the transcendental nature of their souls. Humans do not just react to their environment like other animals, but can adapt it and transcend it and experience a spiritual reality. The soul is the source of human emotion, thought, memory and desire. It is also the source of as well as psychic activity including extrasensory perception and clairvoyance.

Some traditions say that the soul is formed in the spiritual realms, where it grows and develops its distinctive individual identity and purpose. It then comes to the physical world and joins with a suitable being to carry out that purpose. The vessel it enters may not be human, but could be anything that exists in the physical realm. In some traditions there is a hierarchy through which the soul rises in its ongoing incarnations, in others it is more selective and led by its purpose. It is the immortal part of man that comes from that is spiritual in nature and is separate from the spirit and the physical elements of being.

Without the soul the body cannot remain alive, but it does not cease to exist when the body does but lives on forever. It is not itself able to die because it is not alive in a physical sense. It is the source of life and the medium through which human life is experienced. In many belief systems it is the soul which is believed to be what enables life after death. It is believed that it is immortal by its nature and is not possible for it to die.

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