‘South Park: Broadway Bro Down’ Explores the Relationship Between Musicals and a Certain Lewd Act

“South Park,” Episode 11, Season 15, “Broadway Bro Down” explores the hitherto undisclosed relationship between Broadway Musicals and a certain lewd act. There is also a subplot about a rebellious child in a Vegan family.

Spoilers follow.

Randy is told by some of his co-workers that every Broadway musical has within it subliminal messages that cause women to become amorous in a certain way. So in order to put the theory to the test, he takes his wife Sharon to Denver to see a production of “Wicked.” What happens later in the car going home is wicked as well.

So Randy decides to take Sharon to New York for a wonderful, fun-filled vacation of musicals and marital bliss. In the meantime Stan and Shelly have to stay with a vegan family, which is creepy because they do not eat meat and wear life preservers for some reason. Shelly caused their son, Larry, to rebel and start eating meat at convenience stores and fast food places. He also takes off his life preserver, which turns out to be a fatal mistake.

Meanwhile Randy decides to write his own Broadway style musical which, being someone who is unsubtle, is explicitly about the lewd behavior he had come to appreciate. This rouses the ire of the Broadway community, which descends upon the South Park Hooters. But a “bro down” between Randy and Stephen Sondheim settles the differences and the Broadway writers offer to help Randy in his musical and make it more subtle.

In a twist, Shelly takes her new boyfriend to see “Wicked” in Denver. Horrified that his little girl will experience the lewd behavior at too young an age, Randy rushes to Denver and, in the guise of Spider-Man, wrecks the production. This is, of course, a reference to a real-life Spider-Man musical production that has been accident-prone from the start.

The upshot of it is, Larry dies, Shelly is heartbroken, but Randy and Sharon are bonded closer than ever. She loves the singing and dancing. He loves what happens afterwards. So what is not to like?

At the end, Matt and Trey remind one and all, go see their show, “Book of the Mormon,” and enjoy yourself afterward.

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