Spud Day of Shelley, Idaho

Ever since the year I married my husband, 30 years ago, I have gone to Shelley’s Spud Days. I’m going again this year and am excited about the events planned:

On Friday September 16, 2011
1:00 pm- Golf tournament at Journey’s end golf course in Shelley
3:30 pm- Tater Trot, a run for kids ages 2 through 12 at the Shelley High School Track field

On Saturday September 17, 2011
7:00 am- Spud Run 5K, 10k and half marathon
7:00 am- Pancake Breakfast at the Shelley Senior Center
9:45 am- Children’s Parade on State Street
10:00 am- Spud Day Parade on State Street
10:40 am- Ping Pong drop from a crop duster over parade route when parade finishes
11:00 am- Shelley community orchesta, directed by Angela Carlson on the stage in the City Park
Noon- Free baked potatoes handed out to all at the East Shelter in the Shelley City Park
Noon- Spud Picking Contests begin
Noon- Two-Bros Hypno show on stage, Shelley City Park
12:30 pm- Horseshoe tournament, Shelley City Park
1:15 pm- Talent show, on stage in Shelley City Park- Miss Russet royalty/ Elite Dance Studio/ singer Kevin Fullmer plus more
2:00 pm- Two-Bros Hypno Show, Shelley City Park
2:00 pm- Frisbee Golf Tournament, North Bingham County Park
3:00 pm- Spud Tug, Shelley City Park
5:00 pm- Demolition Derby at the rodeo grounds in North Bingham County Park

My favorite things to see are the parade, the ping pong drop, and the spud tug. The reason I like the parade is because on most years one of my children will be in it and there is enough candy and goodies tossed to the parade goers that even the old can get some goodies. Years ago they always finished the parade with a ping pong drop and then sadly they did away with it for a number of years. It is scheduled to be back this year and it is awesome to see the ping pong balls fall from the sky and many of them have prizes written on them from local businesses.

I really like to watch the Spud Tug. A large pit is dug in the ground and filled with liquidly mashed potatoes. Then a large rope is provided across the pit and teams compete in a tug-a-war. The winners stay clean and dry… but the losers, well just picture a person covered in white gooey mashed potatoes!

I also like to go around and look at all the booths and food vendors that fill the City park every year. If the weather is good then the crowds are large. Everyone gets to have a free baked potato covered with butter and sour cream… yummy!

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