Star Wars Blu-ray Has More Changes

Well George Lucas has done it again. The new release of Star Wars on Blu-ray is coming out and once again Lucas has to make modifications. Modifications to help sell the DVD and anger die hard fans.

It’s the same old thing once again with Lucas, adding a few extra minutes of film here and there. The unfortunate thing is that I happen to see one of these extras that I wish I could burn from my mind. It involved The Return of the Jedi toward the end of the movie where (spoiler) Darth Vader throws the Emperor over the edge of the platform into the reactor core. The added part is while Darth Vader is doing this he is yelling, “No”! the whole time, where as in the original he said nothing. He also added Ewoks blinking and having R2-D2 hide behind digitally drawn rocks to name a few changes. Yeah I know some may think I’m nit-picking, but why do it, why make this change.

Why does George Lucas keep making changes to a work of art. To make more money, don’t you have enough, Greed Lucas. He keeps saying that this should have been in the original but I couldn’t do it because of money and time constraints with the studio. I don’t buy it. Like I said before, I consider it to be a work of art and as artist know there comes a time when you have to step away from your work and say it’s done. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or musician you have to know when enough is enough and its finished. If you don’t you could sit there tweaking, revising, redoing it forever. What if every couple of years Michelangelo kept repainting the Sistine Chapel, he didn’t, because he knew when it was finished.

So unless you really have to see it on Blu-ray and don’t mind the modifications I would recommend not getting it. What’s next for George Lucas? Will he re-release Star Wars once again this time in 3D? If history is any indicator you can count on it.

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