It has become self-evident, that only massive change akin to the American Revolution, may be the only salvation that can pull us out as a Country, from the jaws of despair and self-annihilation.

Our apathetic and corporate-owned government has remained impotent in the face of the overwhelming wave of white-collar crime, that continues to permeate every aspect of our economic recovery.

Cognizant of the fact, that the only viable solution which may guarantee our survival as a country and possibly as a species will have to come from “the people” of this great country, the average man, woman and child have taken to the street to make their voices heard.

The “Occupy Movement” has taken root and it is spreading like wild fire. Government, corporations and the corporate-owned News Media, have done their best to at first ignore, then discredit and finally attack our citizens.

Blood has been spilled on our streets at the hands of a police force whose main task is to protect the very people they are combating. In spite of this, the patriots whose lives and well-being are being risked in these demonstrations, have pledged to remain peaceful above all else.

The blood-shed will only feed our self-determination and strengthen our resolve. There seems to be no way out but massive change on a scale this world has not seen in ages.

The excuses that the weak and petulant heads of cities, counties and states invent to remove this “inconvenient nuisance” are transparent and they insult the intelligence of our citizens.

The massive amounts of money that these “fair weather” politicians spend, in mobilizing “our” police force for the purpose of evicting “our” countrymen from public spaces, can very well be re-directed to provide for the safety, sanitation and well-being of the very public exercising their rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

Infiltrators whose job is to disrupt, thru violence and vandalism to create the illusion that the populous is just a band of trouble-makers, are being quickly snuffed out by the self-policing efforts of the demonstrators.

In essence, the movement is beginning to create a “state of siege” on each and every guilty institution, slowly but surely cutting their supply lines and starving the culprits into change.

In my several visits to our own “Occupy Tucson” movement, I was pleasantly surprised to witness the level of orderliness and cleanliness shared by the participants. You could literally eat off the ground at the encampment and several times I saw self-appointed crews pick up and organize around the site.

Sooner or later, the police and other antagonistic groups will begin to realize that they themselves are only one paycheck away from joining the ever-growing masses, and that to oppose this growing American Voice only works against their own interests.

It is striking, that the voices are as diverse as the reference made to a wide spectrum of the dis-ease that we are suffering……from economic to environmental, from educational to health-related.

Funny, I should add, that financial, educational, environmental and health issues are the very same things that every one of us is always concerned about.

Our leaders have fed us a “ginormous” lie which has taken us down the wrong path for too long. To paraphrase one of the Japanese Generals during the attack on Perl Harbor, “I am afraid that we have awakened a sleeping giant”. THIS, is our “Pearl Harbor moment”….the genie is out of the bottle and the enemy lives amongst us.

In reading the article “Occupy America” by Michael Parenti, I was struck by his keen understanding of where this movement is going; and I quote:

“Where does this movement go? What is to be done? The answers are already arising from the actions of the 99%:

Discourage military recruitment and support conscientious objectors. Starve the empire of its legions. Organize massive tax resistance in protest of corrupt, wasteful, unlawful, and destructive Pentagon spending Transfer funds from corporate banks to credit unions and community banks. Support programs that assist the unemployed and the dispossessed. It was Giulio Tremonti, Italy’s embattled finance minister who declared: “Salvate il popolo, non le banche” (“Save the people, not the banks”). It would be nice to hear such sentiments emanating from the U.S. Treasury Department or the White House. Coordinate actions with organized labor. Unions still are the 99%’s largest and best financed groups. Consider what was done in Oakland: occupiers joined with longshoremen, truckers, and other workers to close the port. Already there are plans for a general strike in various communities. Such actions improve greatly if organized labor is playing a role. We need new electoral strategies, a viable third party, proportional representation, and even a new Constitution, one that establishes firm rules for an egalitarian democracy and is not a rigmarole designed to protect the moneyed class. The call for a constitutional convention (a perfectly legitimate procedure under the present U.S. Constitution) seems long overdo. Perhaps most of all, we need ideological education regarding the relationship between wealth and power, the nature of capitalism, and the crimes of an unbridled profit-driven financial system. And again the occupiers seem to be moving in that direction: in early November 2011, people nationwide began gathering to join teach-ins on “How the 1% Crashed the Economy.” ….end of quote.

Occupy America

by Michael Parenti


While this may not amount to much compared to the damage they have inflicted on our economy, it can be a start on the road to recovery.

This is not a far-fetched idea. Out of the entire criminal activity perpetrated by Wall Street and their complicit corporations, we were only given ONE token convicted criminal (Maddoff) and part of his assets were confiscated to mitigate the damage done to his “investors”.

When Muamar Quadaffi was committing crimes against his people, the US Government froze his assets to later return to “the people”.

So freezing the Wall Street and Corporate criminals’ assets shouldn’t have to be too complicated……only problem is, that the corporate mafia owns our government, hmmmm…….. a minor detail.

Allowing major crimes to go unpunished only strengthens the criminality and impunity of organized crime and sends the wrong message not only to the thieves, but also to our citizens.

Beware……the Roman Empire is alive and well and we are witnessing the Emperor fiddling while Rome is burning…..

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