Stay Warm and Fashionable With Protective Accessories

Accuweather forecasts are predicting an intense winter season. Frequent heavy snows, ice, bitter cold and storms will be happening across the country. Unless you live in the few areas exempt from this wicked weather, such as Florida, you will need to accessorize wisely.

Stay warm and fashionable with these protective accessories

Hide your hands
Soon it will be time for your pretty manicure to go undercover. Whether you love big, chunky mittens or sleek leather gloves you can wrap your hands in stylish comfort. Include a pair of Venture Battery Powered Heat Glove Liners under the mittens or gloves to retain all of your normal dexterity even on bitterly cold days. Simply slip these amazing glove liners made of wind and water resistant poly/spandex under your favorite pair for an infusion of pure warmth. The heated glove liner includes 7.4V of power to keep your hands nice and cozy.

Protect your face
Cover your skin with a thick moisturizer and sun screen to add a much needed layer of protection and then shield your tender skin from the ravages of the wind with a hooded scarf. The SmartWool Women’s Hood Scarf protects your head, ears, face and neck. Wrap the soft merino wool around your head in order to bring some control to your body temperature.

Shield your eyes

It is every bit as important to shield your eyes in the winter months as it is in the summer. In fact, Dr. Ronald Brand from International Eye Care says “You actually have double UV exposure during the winter months, the snow acts like a mirror and reflects up into your eyes and that can cause snow blindness.” Prevent this by keeping a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses handy whenever you are outside.

Snuggle under a cozy layer
A cashmere wrap can be draped over your winter coat for an extra dose of protection from the elements. Then, once you reach your destination, you can wear it alone over your outfit to add fashionable flair. A simple woven cashmere wrap from Nordstrom can be worn with your most casual outfit or be a nice coverup for a sleeveless party dress.

Keep feet warm and dry
When your feet are not dry and happy, no one around you will be happy. It is important to keep those tootsies dry. Slip on a pair of Acorn Versa Fleece socks under your winter boots. The fun colors and patterns can help spark a better mood when you have to brave blizzard-like conditions.

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