Stephen King: a Horror Legend

Stephen King is a legend in regards to the Horror genre as a whole. Mr. King has been publishing books since 1974 with his hit Carrie. He was writing long before that, and was an English teacher at a college is his home state of Maine. While he has never had anything traumatic happen to him that would lead to him writing the style and genre he does, he does possess something that makes it come very easy. King has the ability to recognize how people think and react. It sounds easy enough but people think A LOT of things that they would never say out loud. He is able to pull that out and express it in words. While it is very gritty, and sometimes even unnerving to read, it is a beautiful thing to behold.

King has written 63 books, most are novels, he does have a few short story/non-fiction books. He also has dabbed into the world of E books. It is safe to say that he has touched all bases when it comes to the different forms of media. With a slew of movies made from his work, and a few TV mini-series, there is much to admire when it comes to his work. He is also set to release with two more novels within the next two years. One of which being a “add on” to his epic tale of “The Dark Tower” which already spans across 7 books. My personal favorite novel by King is Desperation.

The reason I admire his writing so much is the way he is able to touch nerves so easy. You may read one of his books and read something so outlandish, so brutal that you just cannot believe that he wrote it down. As you get further in and you sit back and you think on it you realize, I have felt this emotion before, I never realized how it looked on paper. He has the ability to pry in where your deepest and darkest thoughts are and brings them to life with every single one of his novels. If you have not gave a Stephen King novel a shot, I suggest you go to your nearest bookstore and pick one up. His books have literally changed my life and my way of thinking that I could never put down here. You have to read his work for yourself and you will understand.

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