Stick to Your Ribs Good in New York

Now that the temperature has dropped, we’re all looking for those comfort dishes that warms our belly. On a recent Sunday afternoon, Cheapeats was looking for just that. A friend suggested stick to your ribs Spanish food. Sounds good to me, let’s go.

Flor De Mayo is a quaint restaurant on the Upper Westside serving up Chinese and Peruvian dishes. Spanish & Chinese? Sounds odd but trust me it works. The restaurant only has about 20 tables plus a counter but they keep turning them over rather quickly. Luckily when we arrived, we were able to be seated immediately.

I browse around the room to read the daily specials on the blackboard and the specialties of the house. Combined with the menu, there’s plenty to choose from. I’m not much of a beef eater, but the beef stew special of the day is kind of singing to me. Arroz Con Pollo, Camarones, Ropa Vieja….oh my! It’s not good to have so many choices when you’re starving. I defer to my waiter who recommends the Beef Stew special.

Shortly, a HUGE platter was set in front of me. This can’t be all for me! The smells rising up from the plate immediately cause my mouth to drool.

Large chunks of beef smothered in a rich tomato gravy with a side of yellow rice and fried Yucca. I cut into the meat. So tender, you can cut it with a fork. I swirl it in the sauce. Open wide. LIFT OFF. It was scrumptious. Warm, hearty and oh so flavorful. The chill in my body immediately exited the room. My friend ordered the Pollo A La Brasa (1/2 grilled chicken). She devoured her Tostones first and ended up taking the rest of her meal home. I not only finished my dish, I licked the plate clean. Oink. Oink. We ended our meal with a Cafe con Leche, flan and 2 spoons.

Now you’d think for the amount of food we ate, that our wallets would be emptied. Not in the least. This entire feast for two including tax and tip came out to $34 or $17 a head. Cha Ching!

Bring your friends, bring the family, bring that special someone or just yourself to Flor De Mayo for stick to your ribs Peruvian food.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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