Straight Talk… It’s Worth a Try!

Many cell phone users are experiencing the same problem in today’s failed economy – – the price. While it is great to have everything at the tip of the user’s finger-tips with an Android, iPhone or even a Blackberry, sometimes it’s just not possible to keep talking and surfing without paying the price of a car payment when paying a cellphone bill.

Verizon is known to be the best in cellphone service providers. Although the service is top notch, so is the price. In order to sign up for a new line of service with a top of the line Droid Bionic, one is looking to pay over $100 a month – – on average – – after adding the appropriate data package.

At&t is running a close second with the popularity of the service and phones. Sprint is known for cheaper rate plans, but, both companies have the bad reputation of spotty coverage.

There is an alternative to these outrageous prices.

Straight Talk is becoming quite catchy in the cell phone market. For those who need to talk, text, social network and check email. They even have a couple options available for those who prefer smartphones. One of them – – priced at about $130 – – runs the ever-so-popular Android operating system.

This is a prepaid service. Every thirty days, the consumer buys a service plan card. There are currently two different plans to choose from.

The $30 plan comes with a small data allowance for email and social networking. Also included is 1,000 text messages and 1,000 talk minutes. It’s all a light user would ever need.

The most popular of the two is the $45 unlimited plan. This works for unlimited data on feature phones and smart phones. It also allows for unlimited text and talk minutes. This plan is available in 1, 3 and 6 month prapaid cards.

After looking at the service plans available with all the popular service providers, Straight Talk is definitely the alternative of choice for reliable prepaid service at an affordable price.

After looking into this option, for someone on a low budget who needs to stay connected, it’s worth a try. They may not have the biggest and best phones available yet, but it sure beats paying the outrageous prices of a contract bill.

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