Strange Things that You Can Rent

Everyone has heard of renting a car, a movie, a video game. But, did you know there are possibly hundreds of things that are available for rent? Some are pretty clever, others are just down right weird.

Paparazzi – There is a company located in Austin, New York, L.A., and San Francisco that allows its customers to feel like a celeb for a day (Or more like $500 for a half hour). You can actually hire a group of people to follow you around taking pictures. A Casket – For people with a limited budget, you can rent a casket just for the showing. Many funeral homes are now offering this rent-a-casket option. Each casket comes with an inner container that is removed after the funeral service. The deceased is buried in the container and the casket is reused. A Pet – Some people this this is just down right wrong because the animal is always with different owners and never gets that “family bond”. But, if you love dogs or cats, but just can’t have one full time, you can now rent one. For a few hours or a weekend, you’ll have man’s best friend without having to worry about a pet sitter when you go on vacation. A Friend – Say you’re new in town and don’t know anyone. You can either go through the awkward process of meeting new people, and pray you find someone who is compatible with your quirkiness, or you can just skip the process and rent a friend. This person can show you around town, attend a social event with you, or introduce you to people. A Celebrity – If you just don’t have what it takes to make it in Hollywood but you still want to hang out with the A List celebs, all you have to do is fork out the money. For $150,000 an hour, you can have David Blaine entertain your friends with magic tricks. A Wife – Do you work too much to have a romantic life that will actually lead to a wedding? Or maybe you just aren’t the marriage type. You can now rent a wife to do your cleaning, cooking, and laundry. (FYI, she only does domestic services. Sorry guys.) A Movie Theater Screen – A theatre company in Canada is now renting out its big screens to gamers. Up to twelve players can rent out a room with the huge screen and tremendous sound for $179/2 hours. An Island – Are your neighbors about to fry that one last nerve that you have left? Instead of going out of town, only to be annoyed by even more strangers, why not rent out an island? At you can choose from hundreds of islands available around the world. A Goat – If you really, really hate mowing your yard, you can always rent a goat. They’ll eat just about anything and won’t mind chomping down on your front yard for you. A Garden – If you live in a small apartment, or just don’t have the time or space for a full sized personal garden, you can always rent one. You can also get Rent-a-Garden to give your terrace or yard a green makeover. They even have sculptures and potted plants available for rent.

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