Straw Bale Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We all know it’s true: the closer it gets to Thanksgiving day, the least amount of extra chores we want. We already have to clean, cook, get the table ready, take care of the kids. We don’t need any additional work, right? Of course, if you haven’t made a centerpiece for the holiday table yet that might be another task you’ll have to take care of at the last minute. But it won’t seem like work; it will seem like a little bit of fun amongst all the other hectic things going on in preparation of Thanksgiving. A straw bale centerpiece is inexpensive, easy, and one of the most perfect centerpieces for any Thanksgiving table.

We’ve all seen a bale of straw – which is huge – but for your holiday centerpiece, you won’t need anything quite that large. Thankfully, a craft store sells much smaller versions of the straw bale. Although you can buy most any size of the miniature bale that you want, a good size is 12″x6″x6″.

When you just set the straw bale on your table you can then begin to make it look the way you want. Use hot glue to attach things so that you partially cover the bale. Some embellishments that work well include leaves, tiny pumpkins, acorns, small craft apples, and silk flowers. Create a Thanksgiving color scheme by choosing things in colors of rust, orange, yellow, red, brown and/or green.

Make an arrangement that spreads out over most of the top of the straw bale then begin bringing some of the embellishments down one side of the bale. Finish by scattering a few things on the table around the arrangement. There are lots of different designs you can do just by the colors, embellishments, and arrangements you combine.

The above project creates the look of a barrel full of flowers, pumpkins, and other things, dumped upon, and down the sides of, the straw bale. But you can do other arrangements, too. For instance, set a fold-out paper turkey on top of the straw bale and scatter craft apples and leaves around the bottom. Or, set a real – but small – pumpkin on top of the bale and scatter some leaves and tiny pumpkins around the bottom.

The straw bale Thanksgiving table centerpiece will be a one-of-a-kind decorator piece after you create your own design with it. If you have more than one table this year, this project is perfect, since the arrangements take very little time at all to create.
Straw Bale Centerpiece

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