Styling Tips for Growing Out Your Bangs

Growing out your bangs seems to take forever. I remember when I wanted to grow out my short, choppy bangs into a longer, side-swept, asymmetrical fringe. It just couldn’t happen soon enough, and my bangs just wouldn’t cooperate during that awkward, in-between stage. I used a couple of hair stylist tricks to help keep them under control until those stubborn bangs decided to grow. Here’s a few of my favorite ideas.

Pin to the side. This is a classic look. Use a little gel on your damp hair, and part your hair off to the side before you blow dry it. Sweep your bangs off to the side, away from your part, and blow dry. This helps the style last longer, especially if your hair is fine and soft like mine. Use a cute little barrette, hair clip, or even crisscrossed bobby pins to keep your hair off to the side. I prefer a plain, non-fussy hair clip. Anything too sweet just makes me look like a little girl. Finish with a spritz of hair spray to keep your hair in place, but be careful not to hold the can of spray too close or you’ll get crispy, crunchy bangs.

Twist. This is a fun way to get the hair out of your eyes, and it’s perfect for summer fun or any time of year. I love this look, but its hard to get my fine hair to stay put. Apply a little pomade in your dry hair to give it some grip. Just be careful not to use too much pomade or your hair will start to look greasy. Grab a small section of fringe all the way to one side. Twist it tightly at the roots. Direct the hair towards the rest of your bangs, and continue twisting, adding a little bit of hair about every two turns. Keep the twist tight to your head, and keep going until all of your fringe is included in the twist. Tuck your ends behind your ear if it’s long enough, or underneath some other hair if it is not. Secure with a couple of bobby pins or a small, tight barrette. Definitely spray with hairspray!

Side-swept. Even if your bangs aren’t long enough, you can still style them off to the side. Apply heat protectant spray to your hair while you heat up your flat iron. Use the iron on small sections, directing the hair up, over, then down. Your bangs should end up in a nice swoop. Flick the ends up for added effect. A mini flatiron works best on your bangs.

Headband. If all else fails, grab a headband and use it to sweep all your hair back away from your face. Gently push the band a little bit back towards your face to create a nice hair bump where your bangs are. Finish with hairspray, and your bangs are safely tucked away. This style will work until they eventually grow into the length that you want.

Patience is the key to growing out your bangs. Give it time, and they will grow to the size that you like. Until then, just keep styling your bangs out of your eyes so you can see.

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