Succeeding at Online Interviews

Online interviews are just as stressful as offline ones, and failing to prepare for any interview results in you not doing your best, wasting your time and ultimately not getting the job. Just like with an offline interview you have to look your best, speak with confidence and be assertive.

To create the right first impression for an online interview you have to be there early, ready and waiting, you have to be smartly dressed, and you have to know your CV/Résumé inside out. More often than not people/job seekers don’t take online interviews seriously, for example they sit reading off their resume to the letter. This is no good, as what does it show the interviewer – that you could not be bothered to get yourself prepared, or that you are not seriously interested in the position offered.

Reading off your CV/Resume is a key mistake people make when partaking in an online interview. Another one is not dressing appropriately. Even though you may be carrying out the interview in the comfort of your home, it doesn’t mean you should dress inappropriately for the occasion. Dress in smart not casual clothes and be presentable. Looking your best is just as important as it is with offline interviews. Your appearance is important to create the right impression, and with online interviews you only have a few seconds to impress.

To truly succeed at an online interview you have to prepared for all eventualities. For example, you have to prepare to start the interview early, answer questions you haven’t prepared for, and even ask the interviewer questions about the role/position. Being prepared for an online interview takes time, and a I would recommend a few practice runs may be required – for example setting up the webcam, practicing talking to friends and family via webcam/Skype.

With an online interview there are also things that could go wrong, and things that could delay you, such as your computer not working properly. Your webcam not positioned right to show your face and shoulders, and there being no sound. To ensure the interview gets off to a smooth start allow yourself some preparation time before the interview commences. Having this time will be ideal to iron out any errors and also to allow you to collect and compose yourself.

Ultimately to succeed at online interviews you have to be collected, calm, prepared and on time. You have to treat them just the same as an offline interview being conducted in a bricks and mortar location.

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