Summer Stylize with Ease

Going places this summer? Disney Land, Water Parks, or Camping Trips, and off-shore vacations? Well, I’m sure that all of us want to know some really quick ways of looking fashionable while still being able to pack our belongings from a stand-point of “easiness.” Just in case you didn’t get that, what I want to tell you is, right now, I am traveling and I have come across some ideas for packing light, stepping out and looking “good” while doing it! All of my newly updated “travel gear” comes from the shopping website of ! I have found some great summer buys that made my wardrobe for romping around with friends and family at all of the out door (and indoor) vacation spots, fun and worry-free! First, let me introduce to you some awesome tennis shoes. They are not really cheap, but are so durable and a standard for anyone who loves having great style! Which pair of light-weight, summer tennis shoes are really “hot” right now, well, it is the puma roma ? I found lots of them ranging in prices from $40.00 to $70.00! They really can’t be beat for summer style and they are so wearable, that you will probably want to get a few pair to go with almost anything that comes out of your closet!

Another style that I want to give a heads-up on is the backpack purses that I found. What a casual and smart way to get everything, even your pc or computer, into a lightweight, travel bag that will give you an added reason to purchase it because you will be able to save money at the airlines by not having to check-in an extra bag? So, how about it fashionista’s, is making plans to travel with ease in mind going to be a fun and exciting trip this season with all of the fashion ideas popping up like instant inspiration? I have another little fun attachment to talk about for another way to make a used handbag or tote (re-usable) this summer. It really is a great idea and a great way to replace purse or suitcase handles that are falling apart, especially when you want to leave and make arrangements to go places! I would suggest trying out some purse handles from that all vary in color and size, but wonderfully do the same things to any bag or tote! You can quickly update a style or have your favorite tote’s longevity extended to years and years of style-wear! I hope these suggestions came at a time when you wanted some new fashion news and know-how, I really did get a new sense of how easy it was to order from online and stay in reach of the fun I was having with everyone!
Hope E.

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