Sunken Path

Sunken path,

Hidden from view,

Unless you open,

The grass curtain,

Take a peek inside,

See the blue of the water,

See the leaves on the water,

The branches nearby,

Can you see the wildlife,

That relies on this area?

Of this part of the world?

It might not seem much to you,

But many areas in this world,

Might not,

But can you gain respect?

Can you see the calm?

Can you see the beauty?

Can you take a moment?

To forget your hassles,

And your hardships of your life?

Sunken path,

Hidden away beauty,

Hidden away nature,



Calmness everywhere your eye can see,

As you look around this peaceful area,

Admire the beauty while you can,

Life goes by fast enough,

Take a moment,

Take a breath,

Breathe in the air around you,

Watch the leaves as they float,

On that clear blue water,

Close your eyes,

Draw in your breath,

Let the peace deep within,

And thank everything there,

The trees,

The branches,

The clear blue water,

The leaves,

The wildlife,

And everything else around,

For reminding you,

That sometimes one has to take,

A different path,

Even when it seems

Like you are going nowhere,

Because you might be surprised to find,

A sunken path,

That gives you the best joy in the world.

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