Super Bowl XLVI Scenarios

What an incredible weekend in the NFL, the 49ers shocked everyone outside of the Silicon Valley with an epic win against the New Orleans Saints 36-32. Then “trusty” Tom Brady the leader of the “evil empire” New England Patriots defeated Tim Tebow and John Elway’s Denver Broncos 40-15 in Foxborough. Baltimore Ravens outlasted the Houston Texans 20-13 while feasting on 3 interceptions and a fumble while finally turning TJ Yates into a rookie the “Deer in the Headlight’s” look on TJ Yates face told the story by the end of the game.

In the NFL Divisional finale the “Red Hot” New York football Giants ran into the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field to face the defending NFL Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. The NY Giants dominated the game and for the 3rd time in history the Green Bay Packers lost in the playoffs at home 37-20. Eli Manning is responsible for two of the three historic losses at Lambeau winning against both Bret Favre and Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

With those four wins over a dramatic NFL weekend the football god’s have now set the stage for fans and analyst across the world. The NFL story lines have an endless array of possible Super Bowl XLVI scenarios.

Will the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick have the opportunity to avenge their much talked about 2007 Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants? The Super Bowl NY Giants ruined Tom Brady’s and Bill Belichick’s quest for a perfect 19-0 season.

New England Patriots offense was on a historic pace as Brady passed for a NFL record 50 TD’s and Randy Moss gobbled up a NFL record 23 touchdown receptions in the 2007-2008 NFL season. Could there be a few left over thoughts floating around in the head of offensive master mind and defensive guru coach Bill Belichick’s head?

Can the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl for the 6th time in franchise history? Imagine a Super Bowl “Harbaugh Bowl” rematch, Patrick Willis “new age” 49ers defense vs. Ray Lewis and the defensive empire of the Baltimore Ravens. Brother vs. Brother, Jim vs. John just thinking about it will make writers and analyst worldwide hit the keyboard home row key’s just a little bit faster.

John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens faced Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers November 24th 2011. The battle was an intense defensive grudge match both teams playing defense at its highest level. Many analysts nicknamed the matchup the “Harbaugh Bowl” well it seems Jim and John have another Bowl game in mind now and if the 49ers and Ravens win their NFL Conference Championships the world will see brotherly rivalry at its highest competitive stage.

The cross pairing scenarios of the NFC and AFC Championships offer something for everyone. For the city of New York it means being able to possibly face Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens and exercise the ghost of Super Bowl past.

NY Giants fans remember the 2001 Super Bowl win Ron Dayne “Thunder” and Tiki Barber “Lightning” ran into the changing winds of the defensive Baltimore Ravens. Led by Tony Siragusa, Jamie Sharper, Peter Boulware and Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis the Baltimore defense only allowed a total of 152 yards. The Giants had 16 possessions all ending in punts or interceptions beating up on the NY Giants offense forcing Kerry Collins to throw four interceptions. The Ravens defeated the NY Giants 34-7.

The final scenario will presents two of the most storied franchises in NFL history San Francisco 49ers vs. the New England Patriots. 49ers the NFL’s best franchise has a 4.0 grade point average in the Super Bowl winning 5 out of 5 appearances. The shadows of Joe Montana, Ronny Lott, Jerry Rice, and Bill Walsh will hover over this Super Bowl. Video reels of Joe Montana to Clark “The Catch” dominating the NFL network and ESPN airways.

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots will look add fuel to the fire hiring old time friend Mike Singletary as defensive advisor (joke). As Tom Brady and the Patriots will look to make their 5th trip to the Super Bowl since 2002 and take away the one thing that makes the 49ers the NFL’s greatest franchise by blemishing their Super Bowl record. No question Bill Belichick and Tom Brady wants to be remembered as the best coach/QB tandem in NFL history. Tom Brady really wants the opportunity to rewrite history and best Joe Montana’s record of 15 post season wins if given the chance against the 49ers.

Enjoy the NFC/AFC Conference Championship weekend; what Super Bowl scenario and storylines do you want to see the most?

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