Surprise Sunrise

Surprise sunrise, taking your time
hazy melancholy before the sun
taking hold of the sublime
putting the darkness on the run

Surprise sunrise, how we see
past the darkened black abyss
my friend, don’t forsake me
for the moon’s twilight kiss

Surprise sunrise, back again
light and dark forever entwined
freedom we seek to obtain
the yearning of all mankind

Surprise sunrise, onward you climb
the gleaming rays yet undone
what felony, what crime
has befallen the prodigal son?

Surprise sunrise, a glistening sea
throngs of souls yearning for bliss
in a churning ocean of humanity
each one seeking a lover’s kiss

Surprise sunrise, a field of grain
interwoven, always we seek to bind
since Able and brother Cain
our bliss will we ever find?

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