T is for Truth

This week I went to see “The Help,” a movie based upon a book by the same name written by Kathryn Stockett.

The story is set in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960s. Skeeter is a southern society girl who went off to college and has aspirations to become a writer. She returns to the small town, but not to the mindset of her friends in the clique. She collaborates with the household help, defying law to do so, to tell the truth of what goes on in the high society families, and in the treatment of their household help.

What struck me most about the message in this film is this:

Always be courageous enough to tell YOUR truth. When you do, you will begin to change the course of history.

When you have the courage to say what you determine you need to say-what you are compelled to say- it changes who you are in relationship to the world around you.

It may be that you have to say some pretty tough things that people do not care to hear. It may mean that you have to say or write these things “anonymously.” It may result in people not agreeing with you, not liking you, distancing themselves from you, or even dissolving a relationship with you.

Doing or saying what you feel is right or needed is not easy. It’s difficult to face losing, especially when you know you’re likely going to “face the firing squad” alone. It may become an emotional upheaval when you realize that those who were around before will not stand with you or by your side. Yet, you know that it’s time you speak the truth, regardless of the consequence of doing so.

Be compelled. Be courageous. Be genuine. Share your story.

Tell YOUR truth.

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