Tablet Computers Can Replace Your Laptop

Tablet computers are starting to integrate themselves into the homes of tech users across the country, a Pew report mentions that nearly one out of every three American adults owns a tablet PC or e-reader. However, many folks find themselves grappling with a decision relating to committing to one of the sleek new touch screen enabled devices and dumping the laptop.

While tablet computers offer benefits that many laptops would be hard pressed to duplicate, the same can be said about laptops. For when it comes to content creation, the versatility and power of the trusty old laptop are too persuasive to ignore. Perhaps, that is why some tablets are being designed to turn into laptops. The presence of keyboard that does not take up half the screen is a viable one, but aside from that issue, the lines can get pretty blurry.

While the iPad from Apple remains the most popular tablet, Android powered units are catching up quickly in terms of units sold. For users who want to check email, video chat, update social networks, watch movies, and play a seeming endless supply of games, tablet computers make a lot of sense. Sure, nobody would want to type a term paper on an iPad or Kindle Fire (at least without a keyboard), but for viewing photos and other media the tablet computer is an ample replacement to the laptop.

Of course, one of the main benefits of dumping the laptop and going with a tablet PC is portability. While some laptops are tiny and lightweight, tablet computers are designed to be easy to tote around. Even the 9.7 inch size of the iPad can be moved around more easily than a 15.6 inch laptop. In addition, users do not have to fumble with portable mice or touch mouse pads, because the touch screens offer greater control.

The touch screen is a big selling point as well, because tablet computers and electronic readers have changed the way people interface with their machines. The touch screens have a more intimate feel, which allows users to experience the machine in a different way. Instead of clicking and dragging, simply swiping and pinching gestures allow users to become more involved.

While a laptop computer and a tablet PC might not be totally interchangeable, many users with basic needs can fill the majority of computing needs with a tablet. However, if the day-to-day needs of a user call for ton of typing, most people would probably be much better off with an old fashion laptop.

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