Tales of Bams from Bamland

Tales of Bams from Bamland

On a day much like today my tube took me far from the bamland. It showed me musland and sunland, the lands that lay far away. It showed me many aero-guns and what appeared to be nuns. It showed me pictures of my own land, bamland where the first plumbs did land. I heard a bammer tell me of the horrors of the muslanders and islanders, who shot fiery plumbs from their aero-guns. Later the tube showed me a pale bammer, who believed that the grass of bamland was a safe distance from musland or island sand, too far for plumbs from their aero-gums.

Before we knew it, the plumbs were landing in a haze and before we could stop them, the greenest grass from bamland was ablaze. When the plumb remnants had cleared, two not so round grasslands had been run aground.

In a fury, the pale bammer set out for revenge. It did not take much to convince us bamlanders to bam their land back. We bammers did not know if it was Musland or Sunland but we knew that we were to blow plumbs back, to turn their sand to black.

We blew plumb after plumb, but back at us some did come. We went closer and closer and made their sand indistinguishable from the night.

As the years passed, our bamming lead to their bamming in defense and for a time all the land was aplumbing. Sadly, little did we realize that one of the sandlands had not blown even a plumb in the beginning. Our attacks, were rather dumb. In the darkness of the sand, we’d never thought to find, the attacking hand.

Just a day or two ago on a day much like today, bammers were here, but rather in fear. All bammers gathered round the two square grasslands now very much full of sand, and remembered the day the first two plumbs caused us bamlanders to bam.

(Ideally, this would be printed with drawings. Creatures much like the ones Dr. Seuss employs in many of his stories.)

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