Talking Jack-O-Lantern

Come on, now. None of us are really scared anymore when we see haunting images and decorations which are displayed at Halloween. We’ve seen them all before. Whether it be ghosts or monsters, jack-o-lanterns or witches, we’re all used to seeing spooky things on Halloween. Still, many of us try hard to throw together an eerie arrangement for our yards and our houses in hopes that we will have the most frightening home of all. You’ll have to be really ingenious to scare visitors this Halloween since we’re all used to seeing the undead and such horrors. Do something unexpected, something that catches trick-or-treaters and guests off-guard, and you will be able to scare them, for sure.

A jack-o-lantern with a sweet face is the perfect way to sneak a scare this Halloween. Visitors will have no problem walking right up to the cute pumpkin – maybe to get candy from a bowl right beside it – and they won’t be afraid at all – until the jack-o-lantern spooks them. When you make the jack-o-lantern talk you can scare someone with a whisper or a “boo!”.

A talking pumpkin is so easy to make when you have the right equipment. Actually, the equipment is just a set of baby monitors. Normally, one monitor goes with the parent, and the other stays by the crib, and the baby’s cries or other noises can be heard by the parent. When you use baby monitors to make a talking pumpkin you’ll scare plenty of people who visit you on Halloween.

Many baby monitors have an antenna so make sure the pumpkin you choose is tall enough to accommodate the chosen monitor. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, large enough to slide the monitor in, and scoop out the meat and seeds. Cut a sweet jack-o-lantern face – or a scary one – then cover the face with black paper. Or, use thick poster board and give the jack-o-lantern neon eyes. Use push-pins to hold the paper over the cutout features, from the inside.

Stand the baby monitor on the circle you cut from the bottom of the pumpkin and make sure it’s secure. Slide the pumpkin over it. Put candy beside it or just stand the jack-o-lantern by a doorway. Keep your monitor handy so that you can shriek, whisper, or otherwise scare your guests. You’ll have the time of your life with this fun project that has guests jumping out of their shoes.
Talking Jack-O-Lantern

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