Teaching Small Children Through Parents Behaviors and Demeanors

Small eyes watch butterflies flutter around to land on their hands,
not afraid…they don’t know the prominence of its final land.
A gentle smile, blue eyes bright, wiggle fingers left and right,
tender touches, gentle, and full of elation, squeals with delight.
An untrained child knows not to hurt…strokes with love and joy,
knows to handle with care, this not a trinket nor is it a toy.

A rabbit sits under a mulberry bush…eyes keep in constant touch,
an untried child walks along, desiring to get a kiss without a fuss.
Grabs it up into its arms, doesn’t plan to hurt or to do any harm,
attempts to adore and to caress, trying to win its heart with a charm.
Tiny children knows pure love, they treat animals with lots of hugs,
never wanting to hurt a living thing, wants only a kiss and tug.

Little children’s aims are not to beat-up, but give affection and openness,
allow an animal to feel they care, show fondness and graciousness.
We should never judge a child by what our minds may believe,
it can play jokes on the minds, causing us to think and to grieve.
Children are innocent and care about showing love and care,
regardless and how much we may think and not dare to share.

We need to share our love and care as they desire to do,
have compassion for animals and all living things too.
Tender caring handling comes from parental interventions,
permitting them to see we have “no” inaccurate intentions.
Children learn from their parents actions and behaviors,
it’s wise to show a responsiveness and good demeanor.

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