Ten Ways to Look Festive for the Holidays

Skip the Christmas sweater this year. You know the one with the reindeer knitted across the front. Or that other one, with a giant Christmas tree, complete with tinsel and blinking lights. Oh I think we all have one of those hiding in the back of our closets somewhere. But I promise, there are a lot more modern and sophisticated ways to look festive for the holiday season. Here’s a few of my favorite ideas to try.

A sequined top. Gold, silver, and black sequined tops are surprisingly flexible. You can wear them with a great little black skirt for dress up affair, under a blazer for work, or even with skinny jeans and a turtle neck. I love the versatility of these tops. You can wear them for holidays or every day.

A little black dress. In my opinion, nothing says holiday like a little black dress. Find one you love and add great accessories: a sparky clutch, some glittery earrings, or a wide belt. A satin stole and stilettos will make it cocktail worthy, while a pair of ballerina flats and a turtleneck will make it edgy and casual. A plain sheath dress is the most versatile, while an A-line dress is the most universally flattering.

A gorgeous sweater. Find a beautiful cable knit sweater. Look for a heavy weight yarn, intricate details, and a rich, luscious color such as deep red or burgundy. You’ll look festive without the appliques.

A pair of sparkly earrings. Drop earrings with lots of sparkle look great for evening. The more they sparkle, the more festive you’ll feel. A matching bracelet is great, just don’t overdo the bling.

Shimmery eye shadow. Gold is the color of the moment, but any eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer will look festive under the Christmas lights. Save the glitter for your craft projects, though, and go for simple shimmer instead.

Black patent leather stilettos. There is something exquisite and dressy about shiny, black stilettos. They look fab with your LBD (little black dress) and terrific with your skinny jeans and sequined top. If you feel unstable in stilettos, opt instead for a slightly chunky platform. You’ll get nearly the same effect without the ankle strain.

A satiny gold blouse. I have a gold satin blouse that I love. I don’t wear it nearly enough. It has slightly puffy sleeves and a beautiful sheen. Gold satin works great under a sweater, over a cami, with a great skirt or a pair of skinny jeans. Add a wide black belt to accentuate your waste.

Black velvet pants. These are another Christmas staple that never goes out of style. The right fit and shape will always look good. Look for a pair with a little stretch to accommodate your curves.

Velvet blazer. Amp up today’s favorite boyfriend blazer by finding one in a rich-colored velvet. You’ll have warmth for winter plus a great looking, festive color. Pair it with jeans, a skirt, or even a pair of winter shorts and over the knee boots (just not the velvet pants).

Super soft white fuzzy sweater. One of my favorite holiday looks is a pristine white fuzzy sweater. Look for one with little details – like a tiny ruffle around the neckline – to add femininity and style.

Dig through your closet to shop for any festive pieces you may already own. Look for new and interesting ways to wear it for a look that’s all you, then add some glitzy accessories to finish your holiday look. You’ll look fun and festive- with or without your Christmas tree sweater!

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