Terry Bradshaw in the Broadcast Booth

Terry Bradshaw adorned the Fox Broadcast booth with his presence for tonight’s Eagles vs. Steelers game. I’m a big fan of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, but the addition of TB was a delightful surprise. Bradshaw brought to the booth his signature humor and brashness.

He constantly interjected the broadcast with “football talk” as he called it, and provided great analysis, especially on the assignment of new Eagles defensive coordinator Luis Castillo. TB rightly pointed out that being a former O-line coach, Castillo is bound to have a disadvantage switching sides, and further pointing out that if anyone on the offensive side knows much about the D, it’s actually the QBs, who spend countless hours watching film of defense.

The highlight of the TB’s presence in the booth was a simple, almost painful, “WHY?” TB uttered when Michael Vick threw into triple coverage for his second interception of the game. I hope TB becomes a constant in the broadcast booth for Fox. Behind all of TB’s crazy antics, I think we can all agree that his analysis and insight into the game of football is tremendous.

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