Texas Rangers World Series Haikus!

As you all will soon learn, I am quite the fan of the Texas Rangers. Constantly sharing my opinions on Facebook, I had to come up with a concise yet effective and entertaining way of expressing my affinity for this club.

Therefore, I have written Texas Rangers haikus for two years, as we have all watched the Rangers ascend to heights never before seen in the 39 years of the franchise’s history. These haikus have amused my “faithful” followers on Facebook and Twitter (@TXJeffGarrett).

I’ll bring you in to the “haiku fold” by sharing my haiku of elation upon the Rangers’ triumphant Game 6 win in the ALCS:

Rangers – A.L. Champs!
Fifteen-run onslaught – Oh MY!
World Series!!! AGAIN!!!!
(Note the double-entendre on MY, as in Michael Young)

In waiting for the Rangers-Cardinals World Series to start this past Wednesday, I wrote this haiku:

Perhaps second time a charm,
Tickets, anyone?

Nolan Ryan gets in on the fun with his prediction on a local sports talk radio show before the start of the Series:

Forecasting future…
Nolan Ryan: “Rangers in six.:
What Nolan says, goes!

The Rangers needed a solid Game 1 start from their “ace”, C.J. Wilson, so in hopes of sending some positive haiku energy his way, I wrote:

C.J., enough talk,
Less coolness, more strikeouts please,
Suck it up, IT’S TIME!
(IT’S TIME was the organization’s 2010 marketing slogan, hoping for it to rub off in 2011)

However, it was not to be, as the Rangers lost Game 1 by a 3-2 score. So, we needed Game 2 to stay close in the Series, so therefore…

Oh dear, Game 1: FAIL!
Must win tonight, no excuse!
Colby to rescue!

Finally, a breakthrough! Colby Lewis pitched great, and a dramatic ninth-inning comeback by the Rangers, thanks to outstanding defense, hitting, and running by the shortstop Elvis Andrus, along with questionable managing by the Cardinals’ Tony LaRussa, and the Rangers head home this weekend with the Wrold Series tied at a game apiece. Thus, this celebratory haiku:

Elvis with great plays,
Thanks to LaRussa tonight,
Tied up, coming home!

Here’s to hoping the momentum continues as the Series picks up with Game 3 Saturday here in Arlington! You can look for other gems by searching #RangersHaiku on Twitter. It’s Time!!!!

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