Texting and Driving

Texting And Driving

In the past I have written articles on the importance of driving safely and have felt the need to address the topic of texting while driving. In my area here on northeast Ohio the local governments have recently passed ordinances banning texting while driving. In my opinion these ordinances are very important to maintain safety on the highways here on America.

Now I am not a big fan of texting my wife likes to text, but in my opinion if you need to talk with me then just call, don’t waste your time or mine, because to be honest with you in my opinion it is much simpler to just call. If you wish send to send me something in writing then just send me an email.

So several weeks ago I decided to experiment texting while driving, I choose route 422 between Warren and Cleveland. Before I attempted my experiment I made sure that there was no other travelers on the road.

Here is scenario the speed limit is 55 and the road conditions were dry and the sun was shining and my vehicle running properly after doing my basic vehicle inspection which only takes about 10 minutes. It is well worth inspecting your vehicle prior to traveling.

As I was traveling along I picked up my phone and began texting my wife. Within in seconds I was all over the road. I thought oh my goodness this is not a good idea, it only takes a second and bam your in car accident and someone could be seriously injured.

So what I learned in my own little experiment is the following.

1) When texting and driving you are not paying attention to the roadway and other traveling vehicles.

2) When texting and driving you take one of your hands off the steering wheel when in fact you should be driving with both hands on the wheel.

3) When texting and driving your eyes focus on what you are typing when in fact you should be focusing on the road and other travelers.

4) When texting and driving you are creating a dangerous situation for yourself and others on the roadways.

5) It is impossible to properly operate a motorized vehicle while texting while driving.

It is my opinion through my own experience that texting while driving is very dangerous for yourself and others on the roads. As I have said before to many a good people become statistics due to motor vehicle accidents and lives are ruined and family’s destroyed.

I am also a firm believer that as a nation we have to many rules, codes and regulations but I must say that I would have to agree with an ordinance or code banning texting while driving it is too dangerous to an issue to ignore.

If you have family or friends who text while driving I would highly recommend that you talk with them and explain the dangers associated with texting while driving. As the legendary actor James Dean once said in a commercial prior to his own death on the highways here on America “drive safely for the life you save might be mine.”

Well I hope this has been helpful.

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