Thanksgiving 2011

Make Thanksgiving 2011 a holiday to remember. Let it be the year that left you renewed instead of frazzled. Let it be the year you didn’t ruin your diet. Let it be the year you actually felt thankful. Let it be the year you didn’t eat until you felt sick, the year that didn’t leave you in regret. Use these simple tips to make it the best thanksgiving ever.

1. Forget the “D” word- no dieting on Thanksgiving.

Combining a holiday built around rich foods with dieting leads to disaster. Not only will you enjoy it more, you are actually less likely to overstuff yourself. Eat what you want, but think about portion control. One day isn’t going to make a dramatic difference either way- it’s your everyday habits that really matter.

2. Find some inspirational quotes on thankfulness

Print these out or write them on note cards. Keep them in your wallet or purse and meditate on them randomly throughout the day. Tape your favorites to your mirror, or the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors. I’ll create a page of my favorites soon and add a link here for your convenience.

3. Think about all the things in your life you really are thankful for.

Make a list of them. Include things that really matter: family and friends, life itself, your health, your job. Keep this list throughout the upcoming year. Add to it. Refer back to it to remind yourself how blessed and lucky you really are.

4. For one day, stop thinking about what you want.

Make this a day to focus on what you already have. The very next day is Black Friday, so you’ll have plenty of time to focus on wants then. For today, put aside any ideas of lack and concentrate on appreciating the wonderful things that are already in your life.

5. Start a New Tradition.

Take a long, refreshing walk after dinner. Make a fire in the fireplace. Shake things up this year by appreciating the simple things in life a little bit more.

6. Relieve yourself of stress by delegating tasks.

If you usually take care of everything on Thanksgiving, including days worth of shopping, cooking and cleaning, this year let others help. Teach your grandkids how to make your favorite Thanksgiving recipe. Ask the kids to set the table. Set up a wash station so everyone can clean their own dishes after the meal.

7. Make a Thanksgiving recipe book.

Include the recipes you’ve used for Thanksgiving over the years. Make copies so your guests can enjoy their favorites at home throughout the holiday season. Maybe next year, you can make it a potluck and start a tradition of adding new recipes each year.

Remember, the most important thing you can do is to actually be thankful and in that spirit you’ll feel more inclined to do for others. Incorporating some or all of these tips into your Thanksgiving 2011 can help make it one of your most memorable holidays

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