Thanksgiving Glowing Leaf Candles

Some people go out and spend huge amounts of money to decorate and entertain for Thanksgiving. Others use things they find in their gardens or outside to give holiday accents to the table and other areas of the home. Whether you’re trying to spend less this year, or you just adore the gorgeous colors of the fall leaves, you’ll love making glowing leaf candles. In colors like yellow, orange, and red, the Thanksgiving candles are appropriate and really easy to make.

In order to create candles that have flaming leaves you’ll need a cylinder-type candle holder made from clear glass. The glass not only has to be clear but it should be smooth, too, without designs etched into it. For a cheap version of such a candle holder try your local dollar-theme store. They feature a beautiful selection of glass candle holders, or even juice glasses, for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

Go outside in your own backyard, or visit a nearby park, and gather a selection of leaves. Choose a variety of colors or select only a certain color. The best look you can create is done by using leaves of all the same type on each glass candle.

Spray-on adhesive works great to attach the leaves to the glass. It dries clear, in a very thin layer, and allows the glowing candlelight to shine through the leaves. Lay all the leaves out on plastic so that their right sides are facing downward. If needed, cut the stems off of the leaves. Spray the adhesive on the backs of the leaves and then stick them to the glass.

As you attach the leaves, position them so that the bottom of the leaf reaches below the candle holder. After all the leaves are in place you can trim the excess from around the bottom.

There are different ways you can use the leaves to design the Thanksgiving candles you want. Use large maple or oak leaves and you’ll only need two or three to cover the candle holder. Align chestnut leaves or other slender leaves and you make something a little different. Space the leaves slightly apart, to allow more light to shine through, or butt them together, side-by-side.

With the leaves in place, the candlelight glows through them and makes them look like warm, inviting flames. It’s just the right touch for your Thanksgiving table and perfect for adding color and fall accents around the entire house.
Flaming Leaves Candle Holders

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