The Adam Carolla Show – 09/02/2011 – Aisha Tyler, Bald Bryan, Alison Rosen 9.0

Another great live episode of the Adam Carolla podcast. Adam starts the show with a variety of rants. Ranting subjects include Adam having to get rid of his cell phone after his dancing partner’s phone was hacked and his number got passed around. A little ranting about calling the post offices bluff.
Audience questions lead to Adam trying to explain his family and his confused relationship with them. He admits to liking his sister but that to is a problematical relationship.
Another audience member asks what guest Adam has wanted but hasn’t been able to land. This leads to a funny bit with Adam reeacting an interview he had with Kareem Addul Jabbar with Bald Bryan playing the part of Jabbar. Adam then goes off on a funny Tom Cruise runs wild bit.
Alison does a little news about a small local earthquake. This sets Adam off on his tale of woe about a previous earthquake that he lived through.
Aisha then joins the show and the show rockets off. She talks about her childhood and her relationship with her father. She has a lot of good material and knows how to use it in an interview situation.
There is a weird news story about Jack White and the Insane Clown Posse joining together to do a Mozart piece. This leads Adam into explaining his problems with Jack White’s hair.
Great guest and some funny bits make for a great show.
A solid 9.0.

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