The Age of Brutality Inside American Prisons

Somewhere between 1970 and today, clocks in America took a turn back in time and back to the days of the late 1800’s when lynching a person from the nearest tree or tar and feathering a person and horse whipping a man was an acceptable social practice to punish offenders and entertain the public of these atrocities. Through the evolution of empowering men in government to impose harsher punishment through longer incarceration periods, more frequent death penalty executions we have become a society that believes in strong and harsh social justice allows the police to beat a helpless man to death, the message was clear; be tough on criminals and lock them up.

Life was not always this way as I remember it when younger and enjoying the 50, 60 and even the early 70’s. Life wasn’t perfect back then because we had civil strife between black and white and men and women but that was eventually worked out through the civil rights laws enacted because of hard work by people who believed in justice for all. Today, those forces of justice seem to have been eroded to almost nonexistence and overpowered by evildoers as this country is engaged in a most brutal and violent manner of living our daily lives. Mass executions of innocent people in public places and premeditated homicides of family members are today the norm if you read the papers or watch television. Our morality appeared to have disappeared into thin air with no chance of it ever returning. Society, in a most distressing manner, accepts these as moralities and goes on condoning these acts. The key to ending this brutality and senseless killing is out of reach. The solution would be to repeal many laws enacted for the pretense of protecting the good of many. Instead it has had a most negative impact for all.

America holds today 25 per cent of the world’s prisoners and because it has grown beyond those 2.3 million people incarcerated, it knows not what to do with them except to continue containment execute those on death row and provide them the most harsh living conditions possible to avoid any ideas of coming back to prison. Herein lays the oxymoron of this philosophy. These incarcerated persons have no other place to go once released but to go back to prison. They are not given any real life skills to get a job; their family members have either disowned them or given up on them because of the financial drain they created for legal fees and other things. Social, economic and spiritual support is severely lacking as society is unforgiving to help them and all in all, they have become a higher liability to society because while in prison, they were taught how to be better criminals inside the prisons by other criminals, they resort to doing what they do best; break the laws and return back to prison. Compounded by the closing of state hospitals because of a strategy that designed prisons to deal with these mentally disabled persons and mix them together with the criminal elements of a prison, they are doomed to die from either their illness, suicide or homicide thus giving society the satisfaction that they are being handled by others rather than accept responsibility for doing so themselves.

Many years ago, a strategy was drawn up by countless rich men who devised a plan to support politicians who would carry out their desires and messages to enrich their wealth and control other people’s souls. These men and women are our leaders who make the laws, ignore the laws and look the other way when laws are broken. These rich men knew that prisons would be a good business to have when these laws were broken and started a private enterprise to build prisons to keep these lawbreakers. Today, with the government’s consent and assistance, private prisons are thriving and slowly taking over the government’s role of incarceration but not for retribution or rehabilitation but for profit.

Profit that adds to the brutality of how prisons are operated and how the public’s perception of reality inside these prisons exceed the comforts of their own living rooms and turning the public against the prisoner wanting to starve them, to deny them medical for early natural deaths, to deny them protection against prison brutalization and most of all, to show the rest of the world, America is the capital of the world when it comes to running and making prisoners out of good men and women through the War on Drugs that has filled up our prison systems with humanity stacked on top of each other creating another madness that is uncontrolled and destined to explode right back at the public’s face for neglect and lack of interest in how they are operated as a tool of the government set up by evil men.

Life itself has been marginalized to be meaningless. A death by assassination, suicide or even natural inside a prison is no longer a tragedy but a moment of jubilation. The public’s emotions of hate and “hang em high” attitudes has infiltrated the courts, the prosecution and the penal system giving a prisoner no chance of surviving or changing his ways. They are doomed to remain in prison and die there under the current social justice developed by a lynch mob many years ago and revived today for the purpose of brutalizing mankind for the anger of so many who are now possessed with evil rather than the good that built this country centuries ago.

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