The American Dream: Has it Become Only a Dream?

The once-renowned qualities of determination, personal-responsibility, and integrity seem to have been crossed out of recent curriculum and replaced with ideologies of victimhood and entitlement. The United States of America, built on the backs and in the minds of men that never allowed themselves to quit, is now being dragged further and further down by a large faction of voters. This faction is individualized by a thought process that the less one does, the more one is rewarded; the current federal government is doing more and more every day to associate truth with such bummish ideas. Who allowed the winds of time to make off with the American dream of a freedom to climb as high one’s own bar is set?

The subliminal message being blasted into every mind willing to receive it is this: don’t try your best, it’s silly; don’t be controversial, it’s closed-minded; don’t try, it’s setting yourself up for failure; don’t climb the ladder, it’s stepping on other people; don’t display convictions, it’s offensive; don’t believe in anything, how can you be sure? Don’t live by moral standards, who set the standards anyway?

The list of do’s is only this: do nothing, it’s safe.

This is not acceptable. Americans must be awakened from this stupor. Lives are wasting away, never performing the accomplishments that could have changed history. The message that should be echoing from every heartbeat and traveling with every vessel of blood is this: get up, it’s the first movement towards something; stir healthy controversy, it forces people to know why they do the things they do; try, it’s the only way to succeed; step out of your comfort zone, it makes life interesting; believe in something, it’s a stepping-stone to making a difference; have purpose, it’s the definition of life.

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