The Animal Parade

The trumpets blared.
The animals marched into the arena.
Time for an animal parade.
But first, it was time for an animal treat.
The monkeys ate a banana split.
The giraffes chewed on cotton candy.
The lions roared while eating a croissant.
The penguins ate Chilly Willie Ice Cream Bars.
The zebras chewed on Fruit Stripe Gum.
The rhinos ate bacon and eggs.
The elephants ate cheese and crackers.
And finally, the aardvark ate the dictionary.
He was tired of being first for everything.
The audience was impatient.
They wanted to see the parade.
After twenty minutes had passed,
The animals began their fantastic march.
It was an enormous success.
Only one minor incident occurred.
The penguins accidentally popped a balloon.
A little girl cried.
Her mother bought her a new balloon.
The little girl smiled.
There were no other incidents during the parade.
It was a day fit for a lion.
Roar, Baby, Roar!

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