The Bachelor: Must the Show Go On?

“The Bachelor” is the current trending television series on ABC that’s got females hanging on Ben’s every word. The way I see this show is that it’s extremely shallow and notably repetitive. Yet somehow, I find myself getting lured to the remote every Monday night to turn it on. I’m almost positive there are others out there like me who do the same exact thing. So the question is why do we do this when just the thought of this non-romantic love story makes us cringe?

Let me start off by explaining what it is about the show that I don’t agree with. First of all, I don’t like the whole basic concept of it: a story about one man “sampling” and dating a bunch of girls at once. Doesn’t this describe a player head on? No offense, Ben.

Also, I think this says a lot about each of the girl’s characters that get on the show. If they originally knew how this degrading monopoly works, we have every reason to believe that either they are insecure or just desperate.

It saddens me that reality shows like this one tend to make use of some sort of a script. I believe in any reality show that a person’s first verbal reaction to anything should in itself be its own “script.” Chances are if people are taking the time to tune into reality shows, they’re going to want to see them that way. The fact that “The Bachelor” is one of these shows that make use of a script can easily be proven. I don’t think there’s one episode that’s gone by that Ben in his robotic style hasn’t felt the need to point out that he “could very well be falling in love with this woman.”

So, if we’re not watching the show for Ben or for the “contestants,” I believe the reason we are so hooked on to this “reality” television program is actually because it’s nothing like reality. Because someone like me is very intrigued by the drama genre, it’s easy to get caught up in our feelings and emotions and that’s what happens when we watch anything along these lines. This is why no matter how much we want to put the remote down, we just can’t.

Also, I watch this show because it’s rather amusing. How can all the girls feel like Ben loves each of them when he’s in the pool kissing one girl and skinny dipping with another in the ocean? Of course, it’s sad but it’s humorous at the same time.

Oh, the pain of being addicted to something you hate. Why can’t ABC just do us the favor of pulling the show off the air to save us from our misery?

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