The Benefits of Silymarin

Silymarin, otherwise known as milk thistle, has long had a reputation for improving liver function. Good thing the liver has Silymarin as an ally, because as reported in the August 2011 issue of Life Extension magazine, the liver is under assault daily from over 148 industrial chemicals revealed in a report released by the Centers for Disease Control, wherein 2,500 Americans were tested.

As the frontline defender in your body, your liver gets it’s fair share of work, so by mid-life it can benefit with some assistance from herbal supplements. Silymarin, an herb with unique potent compounds that support and defend liver function, appear to have the capability of stopping and reversing liver damage that’s been externally induced. The benefits of Silymarin extend beyond good liver function as well, to include things better prognosises for atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and more.

Liver Defense

As mentioned above, the liver performs more functions than does many other organic entity in the body. It is the chief processor of the metabolism for literally every substance you’re body already internally has, or encounters from the outside. Elimination of these chemicals make the liver susceptible to liver damage and congestion. Especially as we approach middle age and the liver has done 40 years or more of this difficult task.

For this reason Silymarin is the ideal thing to take daily. Silymarin has components within it that have had conclusive results that show counteraction against many of these chemical insults to the liver by altering cell membranes in the liver which in turn will inhibit the uptake of toxins thereby stimulating the regeneration of liver cells.

Cardiovascular Defense

Typically, cardiovascular disease is has inflammatory characteristics that Silymarin has been shown in studies to protect against. This includes the adhesion molecule expression. In fact, in the article it states that animals tested in this study and placed on a high fat diet, were able to reduce their LDL levels, total cholesterol, tryglycerides and HDL’s. 570 mgs of Silymarin were administered to the participants in the study, along with 240 mcg. Selenium.

Neuro Defense

Acting as a liver tonic isn’t all Silymarin can do. The aging brain can benefit from silymarin as well. The cells of the nervous system are guarded by the components of Silymarin by quenching free radical damage occurring from toxin. Animal afflicted with dementia reduced their amyloid-beta deposits commonly found in the brain tissue of those with dementia slowing the Alzheimer’s process. Improvement of their behavior was also documented.

Source: Life Extension September 2011 Issue

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