The Best Democratic Party Money Can Buy?

Take a look at the Three Stooges Obama (Moe), Geithner (Larry), and Bernancke (Curly). Or take a Look at the Gang of Three (Obama, Reid and Pelosi) and you have to ask yourself: is this the best Democratic Party a certain Billionaire, Marxist currency trader could buy?

Yes they keep make the Marxist billionaire richer, but they keep screwing up his ultimate aim-the destruction of freedom and liberty in the United States and the introduction of dictatorial communism. In the mean time, democrat controlled institutions continue to do all they can to destroy the currency and the full faith and credit of the United States. Since the foreign billionaire is a currency trader he is making even more money off the collapse of the dollar. He cries all the way to his banks.

Although the foreign billionaire gave up suborning and subverting the United States of America briefly during the 2010 elections, when it was clear that the communists, whoops I mean democrats, where due to lose big, the word on the street is that the rich communists is back at it. He is buying treason by the pound from democrats and they are still showing an utter willingness to do anything for a bribe.

Democrats are not picky about whom they will take a bribe from either. In my very own, personal opinion, one of the main reasons why democrats leave the southern border open is they they are getting bribed by the drug lords to do so. I also believe democrats have taken treasonous bribes from corporations to import slave labor and steal the jobs of unemployed Americans. But I think that the democrats get much bigger bribes from the drug lords.

The democrats can never seen to be doing anything for the people and the nation of the United States. They seem to spend all their time rewarding foreign criminals with treasonous laws like the Dream Act. The Dream act would reward criminals who broke at least three laws to steal the jobs of unemployed Americans. Is there no end to the bribed treason of democrats and the bribed treasonous media that licks their boots? As long as a certain, foreign commie billionaire keeps bribing them all, I think not.


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