The Best Tech Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa This Christmas

Christmas is a time for family. Grandparents, who are the reason the entire family exists, should be at the top of our gift lists. The newest tech gifts are wonderful for grandparents because of their portable size and ease of use. Following are five of the best tech gifts for grandparents.

Apple iPad 2

Grandma and Grandpa will love the iPad! I have personally heard of many elderly people who had never been fans of technology before discovering the iPad. For many, the intuitive interface and easy to use Apple App Store is the key. The iPad has a front-facing webcam, so grandparents can stay in touch with the family. The iPad has all of the features most grandparents used to get only with a laptop and standalone webcam.

Amazon Kindle

Any grayscale (e-ink) Kindle (Kindle, Kindle Touch, or Kindle Keyboard) is a perfect addition to Grandma and Grandpa’s set of tech gadgets. The Kindle Fire may also be good for some grandparents, but since it does not have the front facing camera for communicating with family, both the iPad and e-ink may be a better choice. This may depend on how much money you have to spend for the holidays. The low price point on the Kindle Fire is definitely tempting, and may be exactly what your grandparents want or need.

Digital picture frame

Digital picture frames have gotten very advanced. Some are now wifi enabled, so you can actually share your images from home with your grandparents, even though they may be across the country. Whether you can afford a wifi frame or not, your grandparents will be delighted if it is initially filled with some favorite family photos. The best gifts for anyone are gifts that can be used and enjoyed immediately after opening.

MP3 player

Any kind of MP3 player is a great gift for grandparents. Players with a built in radio are usually the best, because many grandparents love being able to listen to classic radio. They can listen to all of their favorite stations, even if they never buy any music online. The best part is that the player is small enough to take everywhere they go.

Digital scrapbook, or physical scrapbook with audio

A more affordable version of the digital picture frame is the digital scrapbook. A digital scrapbook is completely online, and there are many sites where you can create one. In some ways, a digital scrapbook is better than a physical scrapbook because you can include audio and video, and a lot of effects that cannot be included in a physical scrapbook.

Some people prefer being able to hold something in their hands, so for grandparents who prefer a physical scrapbook (or don’t have access to a computer), a physical scrapbook with audio may be best. Some scrapbooking stores have scrapbooks with audio built in, but you can also buy a small audio recorder and attach it to the scrapbook yourself. Grandparents will love to hear the voices of family members as they look through the photos and memorabilia.

A tech gadget that should not be given as a Christmas gift

If you want to buy a tech device to keep Grandma and Grandpa safe, buy it as soon as possible, but not as a gift. Buy it to keep them safe. Life Alert, and other such devices that keep your grandparents safe are downers, when given as Christmas gifts. Nobody wants that.

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