The Blackberry Curve is My Favorite Smartphone

Of all the phones that are out in the world today, my favorite smart phone would be one that is not a touch screen. I prefer the convenience of the Blackberry Curve that fits right in the palm of my hand. The many features of this phone such as the easy read keyboard, the amazing display features, quick charging, fun useful applications, and expandable storage space really make this smart phone a useful piece of technology.

Keyboard and Body:
My blackberry curve is of a black color with keys that have white lettering upon the top of them. The keys are tiny but, they are very easy to use considering that the keyboard is laid out in the qwerty fashion. Once the lights go out or you are in a dark place the display will light a way through your typing needs.

The display has lights that can turn dim or bright. If neither bright nor dim suits you, you can adjust the back light to whatever mid range may please your eye sockets. The wallpaper can be set up personally depending upon your taste. Once you display the picture that you would like to have as your wallpaper, you will then be able to zoom on the photograph and choose to set the wallpaper exactly how the picture is displayed.

When it comes to charging my favorite smartphone, all I have to do is plug my Blackberry Curve into my computer with a mini USB chord. However, the plug that comes with the smartphone will do a better job at charging the phone because it is faster at delivering the charge from the outlet to the blackberry.

There are many fun and useful applications that come with the blackberry curve smartphone. As you scroll through the “Applications” menu you will find a memo pad which is quite useful for holding all your notes, thoughts, and lists. next is a calculator for all your financial budgeting needs. After you scroll through the calculator icon you will find three word document applications for your business needs. this group includes documents, excel files and even pdf files applications for your viewing needs.

There are many games that are available for download on the blackberry curve for your entertainment needs. Nevertheless, my blackberry curve came with five highly entertaining games. brick breaker, sudoku, poker, word mole and klondike.
Klondike which happens to be my most favorite game, is exactly like the game solitaire. I play it all the time. This game can truly give you hours of distracting entertainment.

The quality of the phone itself is far from disappointing. I would call my now husband while I was in Seattle and he was in Kentucky, and we would talk for hours on end. If my battery began to die I would plug the blackberry in and I would still get amazing call quality. The phone would sometimes begin to feel hot. No matter, this smartphone still pressed on as I pushed the use to the blackberry’s very limits.

The performance of the Blackberry curve smartphone is of exceptional quality. I have never been disappointed in the six months I have owned this phone. Truthfully, I would suggest that you go and purchase yourself a blackberry Curve smartphone for your cellular handheld needs.

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