The Christmas Cardinal

In the fall; the trees turn orange and brown.

They loose their leaves as they glide to the ground.

The little birdies who live up in these trees;

see their bare branches and know it’s time to leave.

“It’s time to fly south” Mr. Swallow tweeted.

“We all are ready” The Warbler family repeated.

“Let’s go now” Mrs. Robin replied.

So all the birds got together and away they flied.

Yet, one little white bird didn’t hear their goodbye song

and when she looked around; all of her friends were gone!

“Oh no!” cried the white bird bird up in the tree.

“They all have migrated South and didn’t wait for me”!

“They must have forgotten me since I’m just white and so bland”

“Why can’t I be more like everyone else with their colors so grand?”

So the little white bird sadly tucked herself into her nest,

and closed her heavy eyes and she started to rest.

When she awoke there was snow on the ground and in her tree!

“Hey this white stuff “, she said “looks a lot like me!”

She hopped in the snow and played her favorite birdie game,

yet without her friends there, it wasn’t the same.

Then the little white bird flew up to her branch and sang a sad song,

which she always sang when things were going wrong.

Just as she sighed her last little hum

a strange man appeared and handed her a crumb.

She lightly pecked the crumb, “yummy chocolate chip”!

She then thanked the man with a kiss on his lip.

The kiss tickled the man and he laughed “ho,ho,ho!”

“Please, tell me little bird what is troubling you so? “

“All of my friends have already flown away

they left me here and won’t be back until May!

All the other birds must have forgotten about me;

since I have only plain white feathers you see.

It’s easy to ignore a bird so dull and so plain,

they never ask me to join in their games”.

The the old man felt sorry for the little bird of white,

and told her that this was a very special night.

Because he wanted to give the little birdie a gift

with a wish that in hopes her spirits would lift.

Then he reached into his sack and pulled out some snow,

and poured it over the bird and she started to glow!

The man then looked at the bird and laughed ” you look so cute,

and now little bird you match my winter suit”!

So now the bird was no longer white,

and she squealed and chirped with great delight!

The little bird smiled so big and so merry

for she was now red just like a holly berry!

“My favorite color you now will be” said the man,

“even more beautiful then the other birds of gray, yellow or tan”.

“Now I must be off, I’ve got a lot more places to go tonight,

but i will be back next year to see if things are going alright” .

The little bird then thanked her new, special friend,

the man smiled back and away he went around the bend.

And every year since she has stayed past the fall

and when her friends flew South she didn’t mind at all.

For in snow she would play and feel so alive

and wait each christmas eve for her friend to arrive!

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