The Day 60 Thousand Teardrops Fell

It was Friday the 13th, a day over sixty thousand people had been dreading for a long time. They knew this day was going to happen. They had been warned. They saw it happen with that other town in eastern PA. They held out hope that it wasn’t going to come to this but as the day drew closer and closer they had to come to the realization that the nightmare was coming true and that a second quaint town in PA was going to be wiped off the face of the earth just as sure as if an Atom bomb was dropped on it.

They all came together for one common goal. The love of this small town and all the wonderful people that lived in the white picket fenced houses that populated the tree lined streets. It seemed that no matter how loud these people screamed, cried, begged, plotted, schemed and protested they may not be able to save this town.

The Worst Afternoon in History

The hour hand struck on the two and the twelve and the last 60 minutes began. With every word, every glance and every breath that passed, the pain grew and grew inside the chests of over sixty thousand people that gathered together via electronic devices. The last five minutes were the worst. You could hear the sobs across the land and as the last words were spoken, the last words that were ever to be spoken in that small eastern PA town, the tears began to fall.

Sixty Thousand Tears tears fell from Sixty thousand eyes and from the tears a lake formed. A lake that was so full of love, emotion and passion that it took your breath away. As the sixty thousand eyes stood in front of the lake that their tears created out of the mist emerged this beautiful SWAN. Maybe it wasn’t over? The SWAN gently made her way to the edge of the lake where sixty thousand stood and without speaking a word she made the people feel that everything somehow, some way was going to be okay. If this was created by her hand before, with the help of the sixty thousand tears, it could be created again. The SWAN sang a song of love and hope to the sixty thousand eyes. As long as there is love there is hope. The SWAN swam in the lake of love fed and protected by the tears until the sixty thousand could help her rebuild her towns of dreams.

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