The Day of September 11th

The day of September 11th, was an intense tragedy for the families of those who died in the attacks of Twin Towers and the Pentagon. It was an attack of incredible cowardice, meant to deliver maximum damage and ultimately to make a statement. It shook the nation to its foundation. The reach and success of their attack would go far beyond their wildest expectations, for they have allowed us to become just like them, barbarous, suspicious and hateful, Al Qaeda may not be so much of a threat now, and their leader Osama bin Laden is dead but their victory has been total.

Their first victory was when the Bush government established the Department of Homeland Security. Bush was given wide ranging and sweeping powers in the name of fighting terrorism and in the interests of national security. If anyone was displaying suspicious behavior or on a watch list , there was a good chance they could be in breach of any number of Homeland Security laws and find themselves in imprisoned or even find themselves in a foreign land and undergoing torture, all their civil rights being violated

The Bush administration handed Al Qaeda another victory, in the actual war on terror. America and its allies, chiefly the UK, attacked Afghanistan, then Iraq. Afghanistan was attacked to find or/and kill Osama and liberate the people from the Taliban, having got themselves mired in Afghanistan, Bush decided Al Qaeda was operating in Iraq also and attacked the country, it gave him an opportunity to get rid of Sadam Hussein, settling unfinished business begun by his father.

All we have, for all that effort expended on the war on terror, is that Bush’s cronies have looted the America’s coffers and plundered Iraq and as for Afghanistan, well not much as changed, it still is in ruins and poverty stricken , although some woman do have some civil liberties, depending on the local tribal leaders mood. The War on Terror has become the War on Freedom and Liberty; because of this war we have a world in a financial crisis on an astounding scale. Thanks to Bush’s War, America is bankrupt; the vitality of the biggest economy in the world has bled away, causing Americans to become a divided suspicious, paranoid and frightened nation, losing any moral authority they might have had

The biggest victory Bush handed Al Qaeda, is the destroying of American families, the men and women came back from the battlefield, maimed physically and mentally, this is the final tragedy of Bush’s war on terror. There are thousand of Iraqis and Afghanis who are in the similar situation as the Americans, they have had their loved ones slaughtered, maimed, and the difference is Americans don’t have to worry about an attack plane dropping cluster bombs on them.

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