The Distinctive Child

Distinctive child why do you kill to survive? Do you even know you are alive? Or do you just look forward to your next meal? Oh my poor child do you even know what you eating was still alive when your mother cooked it do you know that it had a name, children, grandchildren, and much more and the desert you are eating did you know it used to be a whore before it was what your mother calls a canibuli pie? And the drink you drink and smile after a gulp each time, it belonged to something it was it’s blood yes “mama’s homemade fruit punch” and for lunch mama feeds you like a vulture yes mama’s little vulture pecking away at what you believe is chitlens that hideous film your swallowing gets stuck to your throat but mama’s punch will wash it down. Next you try mama’s next victim”spaghetti”. Mama’s spaghetti is packed up with way too much of mama’s special sauce but you don’t mind because the sauce is extremely thick all red almost black your instinct is to eat the worm skin like substance not only to eat it but to slurp it up watching it slither around in your mouth “mama didn’t kill it all the way” you say “she knows I like it dead” but you eat it any way. After you thank mama for the delicious meal telling her it was at her best, your mom tells you to stay out of the cemetery because the dead should rest “mom they are resting in my stomach” you think but dare not say out loud you want jenny to come and play and have supper at your house. Momma, “yes baby” she says as she gives you a playful slap “what’s for supper?” “That’s my baby never full, I don’t know why don’t you bring a friend from school? I already did mama jenny is on her way. Wow my baby is smart today! But she knows you are always prepared it’s better that way since daddy is not here said the boy almost with a tear but mama said we were suppose to do that she said it so it’s true she said one day one of your kids is going to do it to you too. Mama the villain screamed aloud what said mama as she muffled the sound why do we have to keep moving around? Because said mama people will start to suspect by the way are you all packed yet yes mama “yes mama is jenny dead yet”, “almost baby” mama said “last supper in this house. Tomorrow we will have a new house, anew school, and a new bed.

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