The Eleventh Hour of Mankind

What Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich are really saying to America is the same record we have heard since the beginning of this Nation. They like throwing the Tea Party and President Obama in for a lite food for thought but the truth is no longer hidden behind all the smoke and mirrors; nor can it still be hiding in the couch cushions of the complacent.

The real truth which all those in power; have enjoyed hiding for so long is this nation was built NOT on “moral values” but this Nation has been built by immorality. Immorality that started with the first foot that touched the ground in the “New World”

Those who first came to the Americas were seeking a place of refuge, a place to live as they chose; without a government to tell them how they must live or pray. A place where “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” However, they forgot to learn the true meaning of Equal.

What they actually created was a Nation born in blood taken from all those who they did not respect, understand, or who differed from the few; not many. Their “MORAL” perspective was one in which they would rule as their king once did in complete power and wealth while crushing anyone that they perceived to be of some threat to their power, wealth or ideals.

This is the food which we were feed and this is the food that made us sick and has and is killing us. We have been forced to believe that we are free when in reality we are not. We have suckled from the tit named democracy when actually there was none. The original Tea Party was a group that believed that they were being shackled by the government through lies dishonor and of course “double taxation without representation.” Interestingly and sadly enough these people who fought against a government that they felt was oppressive and greedy; picked up their few belongings and moved thousands of mile away to a place that promised a new and prosperous life.

Those that call themselves a member of the Tea Party today should be ashamed of themselves for using a name of honor while disgracing it with a hand of misdirection that is actually helping this Nation fall further faster. They are the new sleight of hand movers; don’t be fooled.

What they really did was trade one evil for another but this new evil was more cunning and lulled them into a false sense of security while they robbed them blind. Many men, women and children have shed much blood and often died in defense of this new opportunity. Unfortunately they have always been met with lie stacked upon lie. They and we have been blinded by this empty promise.

Today, our government works very hard to divide us; because they fear a nation that is awake, educated, and able to see and most of all one that is united together for one cause. That cause is to end the greed and corruption, to make this truthfully a nation where ALL not SOME are created equal under the law. This group of people now sees, hear and throw the truth back into the faces of those who are leading the charge of lies and the Nation it represents off the cliff.

All of this trickery has led us to this moment when only God can save the righteous and punish the unrighteous. When we are left with only one question; which side do you stand on and if enough of us stand on the side of righteousness can we/will we save ourselves by utilizing the full truth overflowing compassion and humility in this our eleventh hour?

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