The Eraser

THE ERASER I listened one night at dinner with friends while my husband shared, “give her a screw driver or a hammer and she can fix about anything.” We all laughed. He went on to say, “over the years she’s saved us a lot of money. I just yell for her before I pick up the phone to call a repairman.”
However, in his eyes, my status as “handy woman” was short lived.
I think when you have no money, you learn to be self-reliant.
One day while he was golfing, someone called to tell me my favorite movie’s were going to be on. I love Robert Parker’s “Jessie Stone” series. Any of you who are a fan know that Tom Selleck is Jessie Stone.
I immediately turned on TV, and searched until I found them. Hooray! I was so happy. My husband is the TV guru. He is the one who records all the movies on the DVR. He’s the one who makes sure my favorite programs, Gunsmoke and The Virginia are also recorded because we aren’t always home everyday when they come on.
I have watched him record them a few times. It can’t be that difficult. Remember, he’s the “button pusher”, and usually doesn’t know (mechanically) what he’s doing. So I thought, I can do this.
I refused to call him on the golf course—-unless the house is on fire.
When he came home, it may have been the first thing I told him. And I probably said it with a little “ha ha, if you can do it, I can do it” in my voice.
This morning I heard him laughing in the other room. Then he said, “honey, can you come here a second.”
He was scanning “My Recordings”. There they were “Jessie Stone……yeah I did it.
I was sure he was calling me in there to compliment me. I did it by myself.
He said, “look honey, your movies are here.” Then he laughed. Somehow you deleted everything else.
I thought he meant all his pre-set recordings. Well, that’s not a big deal, just record them again.
Then he pointed to the “three-hundred-thirty-eight hours available.”
Oh no! I deleted everything he has ever recorded.
He’s calling me The Eraser!

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