The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2000)

The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2000) is a fascinating look into the world of Tammy Faye, narrated by none other than RuPaul Charles, oddly enough. One thing that I remembered about Tammy Faye, was her love that she had for other people. Lots of Christians talk about God, but few individuals seem to have the love for God’s creation that Tammy Faye had. Sure there are others; Jan Crouch appears to be as close of a public figure to Tammy Faye that we will ever experience. This documentary was shot when Tammy Faye was alive.

While TBN and CBN continue, with shows like Praise The Lord and The 700 Club, respectively, The PTL Club, which ran on the now defunct PTL Satellite Network (the current iteration is INSP, the New Inspiration Network), has a permanent mark in the psyche of every American that loved to watch televangelists during the eighties. It all seems like a distant memory, but at one time, Praise The Lord was the largest and most watched religious show ever. While other preachers condemned homosexuality and suggested that AIDS was God’s condemnation for a perverse lifestyle, PTL preached tolerance, and Tammy Faye asked that Christians pray for those suffering from the disease. One or the ironies of their ministry, is that they were instrumental in getting both CBN and TBN off the ground, but in both cases, they were let go. So they went on to start their own television ministry.

Even on The Surreal Life in 2004, Tammy Faye was still showing the genuine, innocent, almost child-like, love that Christians are to have for other human beings. Rather than showing indifference, and disregard, towards Ron Jeremy, we see Tammy Faye, loving on him, rather than condemning his decision to work as an actor in adult films. It was a very special season for that reality show, but she gave you a lot to think about, and she was back in the American spotlight again. If you have any question about how you are supposed to interact with those out in the world, how to minister to them, how to touch their soul, you only have to look at the life of Tammy Faye. No, she wasn’t a preacher, she may not have even been a teacher, but she was a minister in that special way that all Christians have been called by God to love everyone; no matter how introverted, unsure of yourself, or indifferent you are about this walk with God, you can always treat those you come into contact with, the way that you would want someone to treat you.

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