The Forgotten Valley

Maybe because of my adventurous nature, or maybe because I’m fed up with the routines of urban life, I travel a lot. I long for pristine nature, exotic landscapes and the chance to relax.

In first days of the Red River Delta to Son Nam, the hilly area near Tuyen Quang town then crossed the Lo River basin and Ham Yen, the region of oranges, to Chiem Hoa. From there I traveled on to Na Hang, an interesting but not too long journey. The 260km – log journey took about five hours.

Na Hang appeared like a miracle, a natural and manmade marvel. Long ago region was called the “country of gloominess” – and this mane conveys some sense of the area’s mystery. Before the construction of a hydropower dam there, it was isolated from the outside world. The area’s vast primary forests are full of diverse flora and fauna and at the center of a beautiful lake.

According to legend, the valley of Na Hang is surrounded by 99 mountains created when 99 phoenixes landed on their peaks. Thanks to the man – made reservoir it now resembles an inland Ha Long bay. The lake is curved like a scarf, the instance between its two ends more than 100km. After a day spent fishing with friend on Na Hang Lake, surrounded by deep jungle, I left utterly refreshed.

Tay ethnic people from the majority in this region, followed by Kinh, Red Yao, coin Yao, Meo (H’mong) people. People living in the region still follow their traditional customs wear beautiful traditional clothes and greet visitors with sincere friendliness and curiosity. In terms of food, some strange local specialties like picked bamboo shoots and wild boar are on offer.

With its mysterious natural landscape and it hospitable people, Na Hang won my heart, after three days I had to go home, but am determined to return.

This article written by Lanh Nguyen from Vietnam Heritage Travel

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