The Future of the Republican Party

Listening to President Barack Obama’s speech today about infrastructure spending tells me that if Mr. Obama continues on this path, the road to the White House by any Republican will be long and hard.

We all remember Senator Mitch McConnell’s direction to his party to make this president a one-termer. Their idea was to do everything that they could to keep unemployment high and block every idea he supports. They could not have been more wrong. What this is showing voters is that even if unemployment numbers are high, blocking things that will help Americans or not proposing one job bill or doing anything that will benefit the majority; they too cannot be trusted to govern.

The Republican party is not making the choice of enduring their party to the American public, they are showing that they cannot be trusted to govern and are willing to let this country fail apart just to try and prove a point about this administration. Pundits are saying that this election will be close and the president has a lot of work to do to win a second term. I think that they are only attempting to push up ratings because as long as this president keep speaking to the public as he did today, the Republicans will have no chance.

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